Benefits Of Plantation Shutters

Window shutters are the oldest form of window dressing that has been invented. This alone should prove that modern plantation shutters are a great choice for your windows and doors. Modern shutters are timeless and versatile. They can fit in any setting. Let’s look at some of the many benefits of wooden shutters for modern homes.


Shutters, unlike curtains, can be tailored to fit any window space. They can be made to fit small portholes to large bay windows and can also be cut to shape from flat, circular designs to sharp angles. Shutters are more precise than off-the-shelf purchases and can make better use of space.

A Feeling Of Style

Shutters can be a beautiful, timeless, and elegant addition to any home. Plantation shutters look elegant, and subtle, and complement almost any interior decor. Plantation Shutters make it easy to find matching curtains for your space. Shutters can also be more expensive than regular blinds and give your room a more luxurious look.

Control Of Temperature

Shutters can be a great way to insulate your home and ventilate the room during summer while keeping the sun out during the warmer months. They also block cold drafts during winter.


The extra insulation, when used in conjunction with the previous, will save you money as your home is more energy-efficient.

Sound Insulation

Shutters are a sound insulator that acts as an additional buffer between your windows, and any outside sources of sound. They can be used to drown out the noise from nearby roads or traffic.


Plantation shutters can be used to control the light entering a room, much like blinds. They can be divided into sections with their louvres to provide more control than blinds. Shutters allow you to make adjustments throughout the day to ensure natural light is available while minimizing screen glare.

Ideal For Allergy Patients

Shutters are easy to clean and can be used by anyone who is allergic to dust, pollen or pet dander. The allergens that are attracted to thick curtains over time can be overwhelming. This can make it more difficult to remove them.


Shutters last longer than other window treatments. Shutters are built to last, unlike other window treatments. While blinds can become fragile and curtains may fade, tear, or become discoloured over time, shutters will last for many years due to their superior design.


You can also change the position of internal shutters at any moment to achieve greater privacy or better visibility.

Easy Use

Shutters can be used by anyone, regardless of age, including children and the elderly. Shutters aren’t as awkward to use as heavy curtains or too tall. They also don’t require the same ‘hoisting-the-mainsail” effort as blinds. It is possible to avoid mishaps or worse, damage to your window treatment by removing ties and loose strings.

We know that major household appliances such as shutters are a large investment. Owners can be assured that their installation will be done correctly and they won’t have to pay any additional fees for repairs.

If you are having trouble with your blinds, it is time to call a Smarter Outdoors. For preventative maintenance, we recommend homeowners have complete maintenance done at least once a year.