Backlink Building Tips To Better Your SEO Approach 

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Backlinks are inbound or external links connecting to a webpage on your site. They are an important component of your SEO process because it helps to drive audiences to your website. Besides, it conveys to search bots that your site is a valuable information source for visitors. Every backlink confirms that your website content is valuable. Other website cites you as a worthy information source and directs their website traffic to yours. Users and Google gets a feeling that your brands must be sharing something of value. 

However, the website that cites you as a source must also have an authoritative status. It means you need to choose a publication or website with high domain authority. Here are some helpful ways to earn backlinks.

  • Guest blogging on established publications. Ensure to write brilliant content that the guest blog owner accepts to embed an inbound link [your webpage url] in the post. 
  • Start your blog and write interesting content, which influences other websites and publications to link to. 
  • Become the first blogger to write about breaking news associated with your niche. 
  • Infographics are easy to decipher and share. People love visual data and you can easily embed your shortened code directing to your website.
  • Write testimonials and earn a link from the authoritative website’s homepage. 
  • Donation to the online nonprofit organization also helps to get backlinks. 
  • Get interviewed to share knowledge and establish yourself as a niche expert.

Link building is a challenging and lengthy process but earning backlinks is possible. Besides, you will also need to monitor your backlink profile. Backlink quality matters. For a small site manual, backlink monitoring is easy but for large organizations, there is a need for automated tools and programs. 


For a new website, getting a reference link automatically is not possible. Linkascope website and backlinks monitoring tool helps to build high-quality links as well as monitor them. You may have come across many guest posts or sponsored platforms that make links nofollow or remove or even delete the content. With the monitoring tool, you are informed about any changes or removal of the specific blog post residing on another site. 

Competitor’s research and monitoring offer you a chance to create links similar to your competitor and gain an edge. The solution has an inbuilt URL shortener that allows for creating aesthetic URLs for easy sharing on social media or embedding in an infographic. 

Link Explorer

Link Explorer is created for link analysis. You can check every link’s title, spam score, anchor text, DA, and link type. Remove the backlinks from sites with high spam and low DA scores. These badly affect the SEO of your site. 


Like SEMRush, Ahrefs is user-friendly. You gain an insight into the chosen domain and backlink details. You can identify lost backlinks, which got deleted, or detect broken backlinks that can lead to 404 errors. 

Moz Pro

Moz is a comprehensive SEO tool suite including Link Explorer tool. You gain a detailed backlink profile, which can be compared with your closest competitors. You get an idea of what is different to do from your competition.