Celebrity Biohacking Secrets Uncovered by an Insider

For the last 20 years, celebrity portrait photographer David Christopher Lee has been giving the stars of Hollywood the greatest possible looks. He explains how these cutting-edge procedures help Hollywood’s top stars maintain their flawless skin and rock-solid physique below.

Therapy using ultra-thin red light
With Ultraslim Red Light Therapy, you can trim 2 inches off your waist in only one 30-minute session. Red light therapy uses low doses of red or near-infrared light to help muscle tissue, skin, and internal organs heal. It works by exposing the skin to red light or a laser, which causes photo-biomodulation, which encourages cellular mitochondria to produce ATP energy, which is then sent throughout the body to carry out repair tasks. Red light treatment may treat a variety of conditions, including osteoarthritis, hair loss, dementia, mouth pain, and many more. Check out the finest manifestation retreat 2021 if you have an interest in healing.

Emma Stone, Olivia Munn, Chrissy Teigen, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Kelly Rowland, and Kourtney Kardashian are among the celebrities that use red light treatment.

NAD+ Drip Treatment
A coenzyme known as NAD+ Drip Therapy (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is connected to a number of bodily processes. As we age, our levels begin to fall. Our DNA can be mended, our metabolism and mental clarity improve, and our bodies may begin to slow down the ageing process by regenerating these coenzymes.

Stars like Rihanna, John Legend, Jane Fonda, and Madonna have all opted for this procedure.

PEMF Treatment
In order to speed up the body’s normal healing process, PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) Therapy emits magnetic energy throughout the body. A broad range of chemical, mechanical, and electrical processes are produced by the electromagnetic fields, which are encouraged. PEMF helps in bone restoration by reducing swelling and restoring torn tendons and tissue.

Terrell Owens, Muhammad Ali, Shaq, Tony Robbins, and Dr. Oz are just a few famous people who have benefited from PEMF therapy.

The term “cryotherapy,” which really means “cold treatment,” refers to a method in which the body is subjected to very low temperatures over a period of time. You may do cryotherapy by simply filling your bathtub with ice and soaking for five minutes. Your body will experience less pain, less inflammation, and less oxidative stress while submerged. To preserve their bodies in peak condition, celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, Steph Curry, Lebron James, Alicia Keys, and Demi Moore all practise cryotherapy. The celebs often visit Remedy Place in West Hollywood for cryotherapy.

Home Treatments
Occasionally, celebrities may employ common home things to improve their bodies. In order to maintain her hair’s strength and smoothness, Lucy Liu uses olive oil. Before taking a shower, Blake Lively applies mayo to her hair to prevent the hair wash from drying out the ends. Miranda Kerr steams her face to maintain its youth and vitality. Grapeseed oil is used by Emma Stone as a moisturiser. To get rid of her acne, Kendall Jenner uses honey, baking soda, and lemon juice.

Nothing compares to feeling terrific and looking your best. To learn about the newest tricks and cures, celebrities have been following biohackers Ben Greenfield, Luke Storey, Max Lugavere, and Dave Asprey. Click here for more celebrity beauty advice.