The 5 Best Chardonnay Wine Food Pairings

Chardonnay is one of the world’s most popular and adaptable wine varietals. It has a great relationship with many meals, whether cooked or raw. This traditional white wine has proven appealing over time, appearing on prominent restaurant wine lists and dinner tables regardless of the occasion.

Despite being a dry white wine, the green-skinned grapes have a distinct flavour character from Chardonnay. This grape type may be crafted into an infinite number of wine styles, ranging from unoaked to strongly oaked and everything in between. Every type pairs well with a distinct set of foods, but the main thing to remember is that there are various aspects that influence the effectiveness of a Chardonnay food match. These include things like alcohol content, acidity, tannins, and even the quantity of oak age.

These elements debunk the age-old cliché of “white meat, white wine” and open the door to a plethora of intriguing culinary combinations. A superb Chardonnay food match is an amazing delight, and it can elevate your dining experience from “quite pleased” to “telling all your friends to try this combo.”

Here are 5 of the greatest Chardonnay food combinations to aid you when organising exquisite dinner parties or dessert outings:
Chardonnay and cheese sound same. Isn’t that right?
The universal pairing “Wine and Cheese” is usually encountered together, however it’s vital to remember that not all wines mix well with all varieties of cheese. When matching Chardonnay with cheese, there are certain inevitable considerations. Choose stronger cheeses like Blue cheese, English hard cheddar, or Camembert with a highly oaked wine. However, if you’re considering an unoaked Chardonnay, a Brie or a Goat cheese may be a good match. There will be no corny decisions here.

The Traditional Chicken Calling
Roast chicken is another typical Chardonnay meal combination. It will, however, work as well with spiced chicken in a creamy sauce. A good Chardonnay complements a light, delightful chicken entrée well. Chardonnay’s inherent acidity cuts through the richness of the curry, while oak-aged Chardonnay’s nutty characteristics enhance the spices and perfumes. Of course, we’re not talking about your neighbourhood fried chicken joint here, but rather a delightfully grilled or barbequed chicken breast with a delicious cream sauce.

Dive into the Delectable Seafood
When it comes to Chardonnay meal pairings, shellfish comes in second only to chicken. It goes nicely with shellfish-based seafood dishes including crab, lobster, shrimp, and mussels. The fish is one of the more conventional combinations on this list. If you’re drinking a particularly oaky bottle of Chardonnay, a beautiful pan-seared salmon might go well with it. The thick and fatty texture of the salmon pairs well with a full-bodied Chardonnay with ripe peach and caramel flavours, allowing you to dive right in. Chardonnay also combines nicely with flaky white seafood like Halibut.

Appetizers and Salads for Brunch
Because white wine complements lighter cuisine, appetisers and salads go well with your glass of Chardonnay, which also makes a wonderful brunch wine. As a result, matching Chardonnay with appetisers is really natural. They stimulate the appetite, and unoaked Chardonnay shines here. Fresh tomatoes are an excellent appetiser to combine with an unoaked Chardonnay, particularly during the peak summer season. If you want to go all out, oaked Chardonnays go well with prepared appetisers like Pumpkin, Ricotta, and Arugula Bruschetta or Caramelized Onion, Apple, and Brie Flatbread.

Love it or hate it Herbs and spices
Chardonnay pairs nicely with herbs and, unless the spices are spicy, is easily adaptable to spices. In any way, herbs and spices may complement Chardonnay for all palates. Herbs have a delicate flavour that works well with unoaked Chardonnay rather than oaked Chardonnay. Spices, on the other hand, go best with unoaked Chardonnay, whereas baking spices go best with oaked Chardonnay. A herb used in a number of cuisines, from Calves Liver to Pumpkin Ravioli – a light Chardonnay pairs nicely with these foods.

Keep the wine light if the cuisine is light. When hosting a dinner party, have your Chardonnay refrigerated and ready to serve with appetisers and salads. Keep your reds on hand if the main course is a heavier fare. Allow yourself to enjoy the food in whatever manner that suits you. Because wine is subjective, some individuals prefer to continue with white wine throughout their dinner, despite the shifting flavours of the food.